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Lara Croft and the Ticklish Temple.

The temple was a visage of golden light from Lara’s perspective, perched high on a rocky outcrop. Firing her magnetic grappler, Lara began to shimmy down the light weight high tension cable towards her goal. Sliding down past the imposing sand dunes of the desert just south of Cairo, Croft found herself mesmerised by the absolute scale of this archaeological find. The solid gold temple of the Egyptian Princess Shima Ra had been discovered after a terrible sand storm had undermined the stability of a dune that had been resting on an air pocket, causing the dune to collapse in upon itself and reveal the magnificent temple. It had been a pure stroke of luck that Lara had been in Cairo during the storm and had decided to ride out into the desert in search of any locals that might have been stranded during the storm.

In fact the only reason Lara had found the temple at all was that her over excited camel had nearly pitched the both of them into the terribly deep pit that the temple sat in like a golden pearl snug in its shell of sand. Lara’s heavy leather combat boots made contact with the golden surface of the temples roof and she pressed the coil retract on her magnetic grappler. Lara walked over to the centre of the temples slightly angular roof and took in her surroundings. The dull sandy walls of the sink hole had managed to absorb all the heat of the Egyptian afternoon and Lara felt the heat waves pushing against her, burning her skin and coating her in sweat. Worst of all, her poor shapely feet were encased in several layers of toughened leather and were swelteringly hot as Lara made her way to a possible entrance into the golden temple.

Standing over the large fissure that had been somehow hewn into the otherwise smooth surface of the solid gold ceiling, Lara lit an emergency flare and threw it through the gap. The bright crimson light illuminated the golden interior and revealed that the floor was only ten feet down so Lara secured her grappler for the next descent into the dark and possibly booby trapped temple. Lara’s reinforced boot soles impacted loudly with the temples stone floor tiles and she immediately drew her pistols for a cursory scan of possible dangers. None presented themselves so Lara released the breath she had been holding and holstered her firearms and retracted her grappler. Activating her belt mounted LED spot lamp, Croft began to make her way through the gold lined corridors of the ancient temple.

At the end of the corridor stood a heavy stone door with a lever inset into the wall beside it and hieroglyphs covering the vast masonry of the obstacle. It took Lara a few seconds to decipher the warning, but when she it read:

“Be warned, the tomb of the Temptress Shima Ra lies beyond this door”
“Enter if you do not wish to return”

Lara smiled in spite of the warning, there wasn’t a temple that existed anywhere in the world that she hadn’t successfully navigated and catalogued and that wasn’t about to change here. Tugging hard on the lever, the heavy door rumbled up into the ceiling and Lara stepped through the opening and into the true opulence of the tomb. Her boots felt like hot blocks of granite on her poor feet and Lara found herself dragging her feet as she shuffled towards the centre of the tomb. On a solid stone dais in the centre of the room sat the most ornate sarcophagus that Lara had ever seen, covered in an odd assortment of bird feathers. Lara’s eyes locked onto an immaculately faceted ruby that sat in the headdress of the carving on the sarcophagus. Unable to help herself, Croft wrapped her sweat covered palms around the gem and worked it free of its housing.

Lara felt the temperature plummet in the temple and suddenly every shadow seemed to contain a demon. She tried to return the ruby to its housing but the carving of Shima Ra had vanished and left a blank golden slate where its ornate form had once lay. Panicking, Lara pocketed the gem and ran for the tomb entrance. She tripped on a clay pot and watched in horror as the stone door dropped back into place, trapping her in the increasingly terrifying temple. Shadows began to flit along the glistening walls and Lara swore she heard faint laughter riding in on a breeze that seemed to blow in every direction at once. Croft reached for her pistols but her fingers failed to find the custom trigger guards so she looked down to find that both of her weapons were missing from their holsters. “Shit” Croft murmured as she began scanning for other exits with her advanced binoculars.

No other exits presented themselves so Lara began to examine the now blank lid of the sarcophagus for any means of escape. Suddenly she felt a cold breeze blow across her neck and a dainty hand place itself on her shoulder. Spinning around sharply, Croft scanned the room for the owner of the hand but found only an empty tomb. Lara backed against the sarcophagus and felt herself get seized by the wrists and ankles by cold and disturbingly invisible hands. Suddenly she was thrown threw the air and landed on her back on the smooth lid of the golden coffin. Golden shackles appeared from the surface of the lid and pinned her wrists to the smooth surface while a golden band restrained her legs at the knees. ”What the hell?” Lara hissed as she strained herself against her bonds but the solid gold would not budge. Suddenly the breeze in the tomb blew in several soft white feathers that seemed to home in on her exposed face, stomach and legs and tickled tortuously.

Lara giggled out loud and tried to turn her face away from the ticklish onslaught. The breeze subsided and Lara could hear the soft footfalls of someone wearing leather sling back sandals and froze. The same kind of sandals would have been worn by Egyptian royalty over two thousand years ago. I’m imagining things Lara thought unconvincingly as the soft steps grew closer in the large room. Lara twisted her head so she could see the ground by her golden restraints and what she saw terrified her into complete silence. Stood by the head of the coffin were a pair of nicely tanned and obviously Egyptian feet wearing brown leather sandals with a vibrant cotton skirt gracing her prominent ankles. Lara tilted her gaze up from the gorgeous round toes and locked them onto the lovely vibrant features of Shima Ra. The solid gold headdress Ra was wearing would be priceless to the British museum Lara thought as she gazed at it lovingly.

“My headdress will never grace the halls of any museum Miss Croft” Shima Ra stated calmly in heavily accented English. How the hell did she know what I was thinking? Lara thought nervously as she gazed into the deep hazel eyes of the beautiful princess. “I know what you are thinking because I was a sorceress gifted in the reading of peoples minds Miss Croft, but I much prefer to TEASE the information out of my guests. Now where are you most ticklish I wonder?” Lara tried her hardest not to think about the ridiculously ticklish soles of her feet but she couldn’t help thinking about her golden and sumptuous size six soles. “Ah your feet, I’ll have to see what I can do about them” Shima gloated as she closed her hazel eyes.

Lara heard the clips on her boots unclip themselves without Ra even touching them physically and cringed. The clips finished popping open and Shima smiled again and mimicked running her finger along a straight surface. Suddenly to Lara’s horror, the zips on the sides of her boots began to zoom down her legs and stopped at her ankles. The Egyptian temptress waved both her hands in the air around her and Lara felt her undone boots get yanked off her socked feet and watched them as they hovered tauntingly in front of her. Lara scrunched up her long toes defensively in her grey hiking socks as Shima Ra beckoned her removed boots over to her. Ra seemed to contemplate the tough leather combat boots for a second before speaking “Why do women in your century wear such choking abominations on their feet? All they’ve done is made your feet smell really bad”

Lara blushed in embarrassment at the princesses’ remark about her smelly feet and watched in frustration as Ra beckoned a lit wall sconce over to her and set her lovely new boots on fire. The leather and plastic burned and melted into a puddle on the floor and Shima pulled her head back and cackled. As soon as Lara’s boots were no more, Ra stared in amusement at Croft’s socked feet “What are those smelly pieces of fabric on your feet?” she asked in bewilderment. “Socks” Lara spat “We wear them so our ‘choking abominations don’t rub at our toes” Ra nodded in understanding “That makes sense I suppose but I do think they will get in the way of my interrogation” Lara watched helplessly as her socks split along their seems with a loud ripping sound and fell from her tanned and smooth bare feet as rags. Lara gazed at her lovely large toe nails, which were glistening in the dim light of the temple as she scrunched her long golden brown toes.

“Now doing that to your lovely toes won’t save them from my techniques” Shima admonished “It will only stop me admiring just how lovely and golden your feet are. They are like virgin silk; Do you like to go barefoot Miss Croft?” Lara stared at her gorgeous tanned toes and thought about the princesses’ question and shocked herself when she found herself answering. “Sometimes, I love the sensation of water running across my feet and I adore going barefoot across soft grass and dirt but I don’t get much time to do that I my line of work” Shima nodded once and then wriggled her fingers madly in front of her. Suddenly it felt as if a thousand feathers were tickling Lara’s sumptuous soles all at once and she arched her back and screamed with laughter. The feathered touch of the invisible fingers reached every part of her bare feet from heels to toes. They even worked themselves between her elongated toes and Croft couldn’t breathe for the fits of giggles that were now emanating from her mouth.

The invisible feathers ran along her well defined arches and Lara felt her soles wrinkling constantly against the ghostly onslaught. She felt the feathers wrapping themselves around her gorgeous toes and tickling them mercilessly. Even her poor pink heels were not immune to Shima’s evil tickling technique and Lara began to feel light headed from the constant laughter. Suddenly the tickling stopped and Lara took a huge breath and felt her arched form relax back against the cold gold of the sarcophagus. Shima smiled at Croft “How was that for a taste of my powers Miss Croft?”

“What do you want?!” Lara screamed at the grinning princess.

“I want to tickle your pretty feet pink and enslave you to my will” Shima said with a cruel smile.

“Go to hell” Lara breathed.

“I’m already there Miss Croft” Shima said in genuine seriousness but the manic smile soon returned to her darkly tanned features. Ra clapped her hands and anther breeze blew sharply through the room carrying the white feathers from before back into the room. They circled Lara like vultures and then one by one began dive bombing her bare legs and feet, locating every ticklish weakness on the young Tomb Raiders soft flesh. The feathers zipped between her long golden toes and Lara was once again screaming with laughter. She could feel the tips of two of the feathers dancing along her delicate arches and Lara didn’t know how much more she could take. Suddenly her restraints retracted and Croft found herself being rotated into a standing position in mid air by Shima’s powers and Lara could see the grin on her face broaden. “Now Miss Croft, it is time for you to meet some other denizens of this tomb”

Snakes began to slither from every tiny crack in the tombs flooring, their lidless eyes fixated on Lara’s delicate soles that were now only an inch from their diamond heads. Suddenly their forked tongues slipped from their fanged mouths in unison and licked the soles of Lara’s bare feet. The ticklish sensation overloaded Lara’s senses and she howled with uncontrollable laughter and she found herself struggling as hard as she could against Shima’s supernatural grip. The tongues continued their attack on Lara’s soft arches and toes and she fought with all her might to escape. Suddenly Lara felt herself tumbling to the ground towards the snakes. Thinking quickly, Lara threw all her weight away from the venomous reptiles and was rewarded by thumping hard into the stone floor of the temple. Shima was glaring at Croft from across the room “You are the only person in two thousand years to resist my power Miss Croft but there will be no escape for you”

Lara got to her feet and felt the reassuring coolness of the stone pushing against her luscious bare soles. She dived for the princess and tackled her off her feet and they both impacted hard with the solid gold of the temples far wall. Lara struggled to her feet and noticed that the temptress was out cold and breathing gently to herself. Grinning manically to herself, Lara dragged Shima over to the coffin and slammed her onto the polished surface. Lara then grabbed her grapple cable and lashed the temptress to the sarcophagus.  It took a while for the princess to awaken but when she did she glared daggers at Lara. Croft half wondered if Ra would be able to free herself but when she made not effort to do so Lara grinned.

“Looks like you need your hands free to work your magic princess, so your mine now” Lara gloated. Shima struggled at her bonds but Lara had made sure she had completely immobilised the princesses’ hands. Lara walked over to Ra’s tied ankles and began to playfully tug at the leather cords that held Shima’s sandals on. Ra’s eyes suddenly widened “Now Miss Croft lets be reasonable I….” she stammered as Lara’s plan began to become clear. Lara slowly and silently untied Shima’s intricate leather sandals and watched with great pleasure as they slipped off her darkly tanned and cutely rounded toes. Croft scooped the shoes up and grabbed a lit wall sconce and took great pleasure in lighting them on fire. The leather curled up and disintegrated and then Lara turned her attention back to the bound princess. For a two thousand year old princess, Shima had lovely soft soles that were olive covered and slightly wrinkled.

Lara grabbed a discarded white feather and walked over to Ra’s bound bare feet. Shima’s feet had a fragrant odour of dried flowers and Lara took great pleasure in running the feather along her naked soles. Shima forgot all royal decorum and giggled insanely as Croft ran the feather along her gentle arches and in-between her Egyptian tanned toes. The princess bucked and screamed as Lara ran the feather all over her brown heels and olive toes and Croft loved just how Shima was laughing uncontrollably. Lara tickled Shima for another hour before she decided she needed to think about escape.

“How do I get out of here Shima?” Lara asked gesturing threateningly with the feather. Shima winced and scrunched her dark toes “There is a recess in the stone door, place my gem into it and it will open, just don’t tickle me anymore”  Lara grinned and ran the finger once more along Shima’s feet from heels to toes and loved how helpless she was on the sarcophagus. Lara pinned the feather down on the coffin with some dirt with the tip just making contact with Shima’s delicate soles. Every time Shima moved her feet ever so slightly she giggled as the feather moved along her arches “Please Miss Croft, don’t leave me like this” she begged between giggles. Lara ignored her and stepped over the snakes by the door and placed the gem into the doors recess. Lara could still hear Shima’s laughter as she walked barefoot back towards the temple entrance. The sand and grit beneath her sensitive soles made her feet tingle as she walked and Lara hoped the hot dunes would be cool now in the Egyptian night.

She clambered her way outside using her auxiliary climbing gear and groaned with pleasure as her tormented bare toes sank into the cool sand of the desert night. Her bare feet sank to her prominent ankles with each step and Lara added walking barefoot in sand to her list of secret pleasures. The sand pushed its way between her elegant toes with each step and cooled the tingling sensation that being tickled had left on her poor luscious soles. And with that, Lara Croft Tomb Raider walked through the desert barefoot and loved every minute of it.

The End.
Lara Croft getting tickled pink
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L498 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2017
From someone who cares equally for literature as well as feet, I say outstanding job. Your diction and syntax are both very good!

Moreover I was entranced reading this piece; it left me feeling ashamed when I was done with it.

And even the shame, felt good...
duderanger Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
oyes0yes Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009
Wondrously wonderful
Karigan-GLadheon Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My, my, you have quite the foot fetish, don't you?
barefoot-literature Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009   Photographer
That I do :XD: some people obsess over sport I obsess over feet :aww: :w00t:
Wahagn Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2010
I'm obsessed by both! Haha! :P
southerncrossfire44 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009
Good story! I wish this were a level in the game!

I think the "real" Lara may be more of a barefooter than you give her credit for, though. She's always barefoot in the wetsuit levels, and my personal favorite was when she was barefoot in the evening gown in Tomb Raider: Legends.
barefoot-literature Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009   Photographer
Very true but I wanted to portray her from a slightly less rugged perspective :aww: :XD:

Thankyou very much! :aww: really glad you enjoyed the story :w00t: :dance:
southerncrossfire44 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009
Ah, that makes sense.
barefoot-literature Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009   Photographer
lol its the blessing of artistic license :aww: :w00t: :dance:
ChristianPrime1-Bot Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

Good to read that Lara gets a little tickle adventure.
barefoot-literature Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009   Photographer
Thankyou very much! :aww: really glad you enjoyed the story :w00t: :dance:
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